Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Day of Rest (Finally)

I now sleep on the floor and poorly but Sheba is content and that gives me peace of mind. Last night at about three am, it was cold in paradise and so I had a cuddler very close to me and it was sweet. We sleep together very well.
Yesterday Ally and Peter left late in the morning to tour the island and to have lunch with a friend. I stayed home for the installation of the fluoride filter — my water is fit for popes. It always tasted fine but now it not only tastes fine it’s as pure as you can get.
Sheba and I took several walks. She clearly loves them and they tire her out and I get lovely breaks when she sleeps.
Because the cats have been offered next week, the mid-day involved consultations with the vet, cat and dog breeders about when and how to best blend my family. It was everyone’s opinion that all at once is best, but the cats will live in my bedroom for a bit before being introduced to Sheba and I will likely put a cat door into my bedroom so that they have a sanctuary.
Sheba and I had a fabulous day all day. We were never apart and undertook lots of activities. Plus she met Annie, Darrell, Burt and Allie and Peter again, so she’s meeting lots of people and she seems happy to meet them all.
I am smitten with her. The housebreaking issue be damned; we’ll get there.
The fence is done. Now just the gates have to be made. And finally: I have home insurance.
Peter made us a delicious pasta dinner as I fell asleep on my new chaise lounge that arrived yesterday. He had to wake me to eat. I was pooped after two days of too may activities.
So today: Rest. After so many guests and the arrival of Sheba I am seriously looking forward to a very soft day. Darrell is not working here today and I’m done with every other inspector or deliverer. I’m finished moving in.
Rain is predicted but the sky is still clear this morning and it’s cold. This week we get west coast winter temperatures.

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