Monday, October 26, 2020

Decorating: Day Four

I love the colours and that the palette of Pinecone Park is mine now. And it’s sooooo clean! 

Everything here, almost, was beige—the favourite colour of people who pray for children without personality. But now my home has lots of colour. I’m amazed! It makes my place look much, much more like a home (and less like a waiting room). Hooray!

By seven, I was done for the day, and beat! Finishing early gave me time to have a spa and a bite before Sunday night on PBS; I’m loving The Trouble with Maggie ColeFlesh and Blood is over and ended poorly and Cobra is just okay. But there are no ads and they’re not American made.

We walked just with Regina this morning. Now I start painting the doors and trim. And I’ve “splurged” a little, by plugging in the hot oil heater in the studio. It takes the edge off in there—it’s been cold. But now we’re heading into very wet, warmer weather. Still, the heat today should get the glue on the curtains to dry so that when I finish the decorating in the house, I can go back to work on the curtains.

All this activity is, of course, burning calories. Consequently, even though I’m back to eating whatever I want—but with discipline when it comes to sweets—I’m still losing weight. Now I’m weighing myself to make sure I don’t lose more weight.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

More Painting! Yum!

I love painting! Who knew? I had another fabulous day yesterday, painting the kitchen. My playlist consisted of Jacub Orlinski, Jeremy Dutcher, Vivaldi and Gregorian chants. It was a spectacularly sunny day and the low Winter sun filled my kitchen with light. But it was cold as is this morning: It’s -4° outside.

I painted all the other walls of the kitchen that I didn’t do on Friday—except one small one that I’ll do today in a different colour. I chose a light green, burgundy and mocha for my colours . It took me all day to do it and I absolutely loved the colour and the work when I was done.

I quit early to clean myself up a little and to get to Jay’s for dinner at five, where we had a really, really great evening together. We’ve grown much closer; he’s becoming a valued friend. I’m very lucky. Our conversations were touchingly trusting.

When I got home, it was minus two outside and cold in the house—the warm days of Summer ended mere weeks ago. I immediately lit a huge roaring fire. It was lovely to feel the heat, plus I knew it wouldn’t be freezing cold inside here this morning.

Today is glorious again. I’m painting the dining room today while the CBC provides my soundtrack: Coral Music at nine on the radio and then I’ll stream music from their website after that. And when I finish that, I’ll do .

Tonight, there’s lots off stuff I love on PBS!  Yay!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

I Love Decorating!

By twelve-thirty, I’d painted the largest kitchen wall “Verdicchio.” It looks so clean. And I cleaned everything—like all the bottles of oil, vinegar, syrup and booze, and all my appliances, and the shelving as I put the kitchen back in order. 

I filled all the holes and sanded places that needed it and got all the surfaces in order before I painted, and the perfectly flat texture is part of the beauty of painting.

In the afternoon, I started on a prime living room wall. Like so many time-consuming tasks, such as weeding the miles of space between the paving stones of my courtyard, the painting I’m doing is not something anyone’s going to notice. But I will see it and appreciate it for a long time.

The living room work involved a lot of cleaning of cables and cords behind the television, and all the shelf surfaces, as well as all the filling, sanding, priming and painting. I repaired a wall burned in a tiny fire last year, replaces plates where plugs go into sockets and behind light switches.

I was still at work at seven pm, when the power went out. I lit candles and lanterns and kept at it. True: As I entered the garage to get the generator going at eight-thirty, the power came back on. I was extremely happy; the generator is super noisy.

I went back to painting and didn’t stop until eleven at night, knowing that today and tomorrow were going to be gorgeous and that Sheba and I would want to do a lot of walking. And by eleven-thirty, I was in the spa with my head back, counting shooting stars.

I’m going into the village this morning, after I walk Her Highness, and getting more paint. I’m going to paint my entire “grand room” (foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, office) and my bedroom. I’ve removed all the “bunny” and “leprechaun” light plates I inherited, and all the little holes and flaws in the walls will be gone when I’m done.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Painting Interiors: Yum!

I had another fabulous day on Thursday—absolutely the best day! I’m deliriously happy because I feel like my old self, pre-breakdown, again. My speech is still shite* and I had a meltdown in the grocery store yesterday. Symptoms persist and will, probably, forever, but I’m so over that! I just don’t care.

My energy is back! Is it because I lost weight? I’m operating at full steam. Yesterday, I was in the studio for a while, attending to my curtains, I wrote for about three hours, and I baked cookies! Yes, baking! My diet is over! I also went into the village, bought nine plastic containers and came home and completely rearranged my kitchen and tool pantries. I was going, going, going from five am to eleven last night!

When I write as earnestly as I did yesterday, every fifteen minutes or so I feel very proud of something—a word, a phrase, a sentence or some idea of something to add, to delete or to move. And I feel very, very good about its structure, flow and with vocabulary.

Studio work, baking, writing and, of course, I’ve got a lot of books to read. Winter is going to be not just a walk in the park, it’s going to be a total blast.

I was up at five and painting in my kitchen half an hour later. I love painting. It cleans things up so nicely. And now that I’m old, I have the patience to work slowly and carefully. Today’s paint is so thick, there’s no dripping. I’m going to paint a wall in the living room as well. It’s so easy and gratifying. And … I’ve got so much energy for it!

It’s raining today, but it’s supposed to be sunny all weekend. I’ll spend most of today painting after going on a wet dog walk with my lady friends.

* I saw an inspiring film about stuttering on the website, Kanopy. It’s a documentary and I has made me take action. 

I’m joining the Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA) and registering for their virtual annual conference. And I’m signing up for monthly Zoom sessions with other stutters once a month through the CSA’s Vancouver chapter.