Saturday, July 20, 2019

Feeling Done

This is the north side of the backyard. The Fern Garden is on the left.
The green area to the right is all I have left to finish.
That green area to the left of the wheelbarrow is the section I've yet to do.
The area behind the Garden of Stolen Stones (under the trees) is also done.
And this is the south-west part of the yard that I have done.
I'm going to remove the grass you see in the bottom of the photo.

Friday morning’s “party” at Stacey’s was really nice. We were eight, all with dogs, and we had lots of delicious treats, coffee and tea. But best of all, was being on her deck outside of her absolutely gorgeous waterfront home.
I came home to get back to the landscaping, and I worked hard! I was highly motivated because I’m almost done. I had only a small patch left to do this morning and I expected to finish today, but I’ve decided to remove the section of lawn I thought I’d leave in place.
The existing lawn has dead spots and it’s full of Dandelions so I’m going to remove it so that the entire yard is the same grass. Why not? All it takes is time and I have lots of that and I won’t be seeding until September.
But before I get back to the landscaping, I’m going to the Farmers’ Market this morning to get supplies for Bruce, Caryn and Bill’s visit on Monday. I’m also start tidying up the vegetable garden a little bit and mowing the front lawn. 
Life is dullish but ideal for me at Pinecone Park.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Dog Party

I’m back—back at work with a bad back.
I eased back into the landscaping and was thrilled to discover two things: I could work without pain and where I’m working is much easier to till than much of the and I’ve already completed. I was fully loaded on Ibuprofen; I sneezed twice without feeling like a million arrows were piercing my back.
The backyard is almost entirely manicured—unseeded, but clean and tidy (two of my favourite words). There’s only a small patch remaining to be done; I’ll finish it this weekend—until, that is, I add the topsoil and seed in September.
And since it rained heavily last night, I’m going to mow the lawns today so the pace looks good for my many upcoming visitors. And henceforth, until the seeding in September, I’ll focus on the final transplanting and weeding.
On yesterday’s walk, I harvested some Digitalis seeds and I scattered them in the Fern Garden. And I tried my new leaf blower. It’s fabulous. Although it’s conceptually disgusting, is a Godsend. It is quiet and strong; it takes me less than five minutes to clear the deck and courtyard of windfall.
This morning’s arrived cool. It was 9° at five am this morning! But the weather prediction is really good for the foreseeable future. I’m about to go on the small community dog walk and then we’re all going to Stacey’s for coffee and snacks with our dogs. It’s a stunning morning, so it’ll be lovely, I’m sure. Stacey is the doctor I met recently. Her partner is the judge with whom I connected so well when the two of them recently joined our walk with their Weimaraner, Otis.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

This Morning's Walk

it was a lovely morning so Sheba and I went on a particularly long meander this morning in nice Fresh air. It is such a marvellous way to start my day, my early morning dog walks in the trails of Gabriola's 707 Park.


It’s been quite a while—since I hurt my back—since I had a good and painless night’s sleep. But last night I took two Ibuprofens before I went to bed and that, I think, really helped. I’m now a 24/7 Ibuprofen junkie.
Today has dawned beautifully and we are apparently in for a long fine session of weather, so today I will get back to working on section three after I do a lot of watering and walk Her Highness. With so many guests coming this week, I want to use the next four days to do as much as I can in the backyard—carefully
My “free” little hand-held blower arrived yesterday. If it works, and I’m sure it will, it’ll make it super easy to keep my courtyard clean of debris without hurting the little plants I’ve got growing in the cracks between the paving stones. Plus, a job that used to take me three-quarters of an hour will now take a few minutes.
It’s really “fresh” outside; it’s only 13°. The temperature makes having a spa in the morning fabulous. 
Phoebe Waller-Bridge

I’m absolutely mad for Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the writer and star of Fleabag  on Amazon’s Prime channel.
With the mergence of the strong female lead driving so incredibly many productions, I am kind of sick of the stoic heroic woman, to be honest. The pendulum has swung. In Fleabag,  Ms. W-B creates a wonderfully complex character who constantly “breaks” the fourth wall and who has the healthiest female libido I’ve seen in film.
Ms. W-B is a brilliant writer and performer, and she’s gorgeous in a very unintimidating way. It’s quirky, terribly moving, ridiculously funny and brilliantly brought to life by extraordinary actors such as Anthony Scott, Bill Paterson and Olivia Coleman.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

C&F Depart

I heard it at 4:45 am and bolted from my bed. It was the sound of heavy rain on my tin roof and we’d left a lot of things outside. So I was out in my underwear, collecting clothes and cushions and bringing them inside. 
I lit the fire to dry things so that Chris and Frani could pack dry clothes and to de-humidify the house. I leave the windows open when I have summer fires on days like today; it was lovely and cozy inside.
I had five seizures yesterday. Fun comes at a price!
I loved Chris and Frani’s visit. They arrived with our dinner for Monday night, I had prepared our picnic for yesterday (and it was absolutely perfect) and last night we had a nice leisurely spa together and then we ordered pizza and played Cribbage.
Playing games is something I rarely did in Vancouver. But playing games is seriously fun. Tile Rummy is a fabulous game; I loved it. And so is Cribbage. When we played our game of Crib, we were laughing and talking all the time.
And this morning, Bruce called. He, Carny and Bill are coming her for lunch on Monday and then, on Wednesday, Paula comes to visit. Yes: Visits cause my seizures, but they are so  worth it! Besides, all these people love me so it doesn’t matter. 
Guests bring my summer vacation to me! Our picnic yesterday, on a shallow cliff overlooking the sea was the experience I long for every summer: Good friends, Sheba, great food, drink and weather, plus the most spectacular view.
And although my back still hurts, I’m going to see how working goes. I have little left to do so I hope to be able to finish it—taking it easy but without the rototiller. 
Dr. Magic thinks I’ve fractured a rib. He pushed on the end of my rib, near the sternum, and it didn’t hurt. But when he pressed on the other end of the same rib, I saw Jesus and screamed. He said I go to Nanaimo for a confirmation but as there’s no treatment for broken ribs, I decided not to. He suggested it would take three months before I feel healed, and to take it easy.