Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Best Day Ever

I moved here on a three-day holiday weekend. Todd was here to help me. He did the heavy stuff, assembling furniture and getting the water system working and a whole lot of other things I did not want to do. I, meanwhile, dealt with everything that needed to go into a cupboard, drawer or closet. I did a pretty good job; Todd did a massive, critical and magnificent job.
This morning I refined all the work I did that weekend. I loved it. I got things better sorted and culled a lot of things I no longer need or use. I now use my guest room closets as seasonal storage rooms and my kitchen is much more efficient. Little things mean a lot; it’s truly glorious to attend to such details now that the major issues are all solved and maintenance of Pinecone Park is smooth.
At 10:30 the sun came out so Sheba and I walked to the vet’s for a fitting of the collar she’ll need after her surgery. Violet Crescent and Wild Cherry were sheet ice, but what a treat to be out walking in on such a stinking gorgeous day.
When I lived in the city I had to go to Stanley Park to feel as I do when I look out my windows or step outside. It truly is like living in a park. It’s such a privilege to live here.
I didn’t limp. Not only that — my hand feels like it’s healing. It was a week ago today I fell and had a seizure on concrete. Boy did that do me damage. But it’s now coming slowly to an end. Hallelujah! And tomorrow afternoon I get the alarm installed for Lifeline.
When I got back, Darrell was having a smoke on the deck. He was having trouble, he said, figuring out how to best build the hot tub access and handrail. It was an invitation to talk about how to do it and I made a suggestion he liked. I realized how well we fit. I am the vision person and I’m good at that, and he is the executor and he’s absolutely brilliant at the realization of visions.
I stood in the sunshine on the deck of this place that felt like someone else’s for so long and I saw my fence, my studio, my porch and soon I’ll see my permanent safe and practical hot tub access stairs — all of them are my vision. Wasn’t gloating, I was just so happy. I never thought such happiness possible.
This is my place, I thought, and I’m done. I’m done down to the cupboards, drawers and closets. Now it’s time to turn my attention to my ladies. Tomorrow I start in earnest on their rejuvenation.
All the birds thrill me especially, right now, the Thrushes. They are terribly active but what I love is that their colour varies from a pale yellow to a rich, rich sunset gold. And the Towhees! I’d didn’t even know what they were before I moved here. They are brilliantly beautiful birds with their red galoshes. I am smitten.
I was getting ready for a hot tub. I mean, why not be nice and toasty warm in brilliant cold fresh air, sunshine and deep snow? Sheba took a particularly adorable pose and I leaned in to hug her before I went outside and I was gone.
I was more prescient during this seizure than I have even been — I was on the sofa in my home, I felt safe. There is kind of an “eye of the storm” in the middle and although it starts snap — like that — it ends with a long slow fade that’s shite to endure. My arms jerk and flip all over. I have no control but this time an awareness of where they were. At the end I feel like I have run a marathon.
Sheba stayed beside me. I know how concerned she was because when I emerged she was licking her genitals.
What is it with Tuesdays? My last one was on a Tuesday as well — on the cement.
When I was young, my migraines always started on Fridays when I had to spend two days with the Tyrells. I’d be sick in bed in atrocious pain all day Saturday, and then virtually unconscious all day Sunday and then Monday I went back to school.
After the seizure I waited to recover enough to get into the tub.

Mir. Sissy is seriously mastering life here. This soft
pristinely clean deep pile mat kept my feet off the snow
and ice today. My terry towel robe hung close by.
Oh pool boy ....
Today could have been the most beautiful day, my favourite day yet, at Pinecone Park. When I put on ethereal music while I’m outside in the tub I float into bliss.
Now I’m going to watch the Olympics and do some baking with the fire roaring to keep out the cold, the pets in splendid repose and not a care in the world.

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