Monday, December 17, 2018

Rash Day

Because it was raining, the Sunday morning community dog walk was lightly attended (so I didn’t have a seizure for the first time in a month with them). Sheba wore her raincoat and so did I. We needed them; the rain was torrential. 
It was heavenly to get home and into sweatpants and a nice fresh dry t-shirt. I made myself a sandwich listening to gorgeous choral music (Bach’s Christmas Cantatas), fed the birds (I love my wild bird friends) and passed the day listening to glorious music and playing with my pets.
I went out for wood just after 5:00 am this morning and was started by how warm it was. It’s just under 10°. And I could see stars; this morning’s dog walk will be dry.
Ethel is a new cat. Fred and Ethel are a renewed presence in the house. She’d clearly been feeling poorly for a long, long time before her sudden onset of symptoms and then her surgery.
I’ve failed at dieting but I am trying to help Sheba and Fred lose some weight. Fred is very good; he’s very co-operative. All I have to do is call out his name sternly, and he knows not to eat Ethel’s food … or Sheba’s food … or my uneaten food … or the kitchen sponge.
Today we find out what’s going on with Sheba. I’m taking her to the vet to show her Sheba’s ring-wormy looking rash. I’m comforted by Sheba’s enthusiasm for life. The rash isn’t bothering her.

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