Thursday, April 29, 2021


Above is a trailer for Seaside Hotel, the Danish TV series that I’m really enjoying. It’s so unlike me to like a TV series; I usually get bored after one season. But the colours, the food and novelty of the Danish flavour of the show make me stick with it.

Yesterday was dull. The weather was dull and damp and so I just read and watched more of Seaside Hotel. This morning, it’s dull yet again, but this afternoon is apparently going to be nicer and so I may get a chance to do some yard work. Otherwise … more reading and watching after I take Her Highness is this morning for grooming and do some shopping on my way home.

Woo hoo: Tax refund banked!

And finally, here are some shots of something coming up on the island. I took these photos yesterday during my walk with H.H. I think the white ones are Phantom Orchids emerging; the thin red shoots are emerging Coralroot Orchids.

Bonus Shot:

Who's bed is this? Fred's (left)? Ethel's (right)? Sheba's?
Hint: The owner is not in the photo.

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