Monday, July 11, 2022


I got Sunday off to a good start by knocking off all my homework for the clinic. It felt very good to get it done—especially since the day dawned clear, mild and bright. I knew that I’d be getting busy with yard work after my morning walk with Her Highness and after a Zoom session with my BC fellow stutterers.

By the end of the Zoom session, Dyan had responded to my revisions, and I made a few more changes to both documents and then I circulated them to the other members of our committee, and more changes were required. This is just like working with clients when I did technical writing. I’m enjoying being the writing technician and I think Dyan values the help and that bodes well for my future with the clinic.

I also wrote to most everyone I know here, asking for help in locating a car or truck with a trailer hitch that I can borrow to transport a wood splitter that I want to rent from a local hardware store. I need to split the large rounds of bucked wood from the felled trees. By mid-day yesterday, I heard back from Eoin and François that they have a trailer hitch and so I am on my way to getting my wood split. I’m thrilled my good friends can help me. I feel very comfortable with them, and they have offered to stay here to help me get the sections split. I’m so lucky!

Yesterday was not my usual Sunday of idleness and self-indulgence. I was a busy boy with the clinic work, with watering Ali and Peter’s gardens (and not my own), and with making a huge batch of spaghetti sauce with fabulous fresh ingredients (including a huge freshly picked batch of Oyster mushrooms) from the farmers’ market. 

Also, in the late afternoon, I got started on another writing assignment—this one for the Canadian Stuttering Association. I’m drafting an article for Speech Language Therapists in BC on behalf of my BC stuttering group. As with the U.K. group, I am taking a leadership role. We are taking an initiative to educate speech therapists because none of us are happy with our experience with them.

Finally, in the evening, I could relax in front of the box.

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