Monday, January 23, 2023

Bruce & Caryn Day

Sunday was cool but bright as Her Highness and I left to join our friends for the big community dog walking group. I dressed for the cold and thoroughly enjoyed the company of my friends and the uplifting sunshine. Then it was home and baking another lemon tart for Bruce and Caryn’s visit today.

I love the tart, but I don’t like working with the pastry. It is really challenging to roll out and then to get into the tart pan. I make a mess of things every time, but the custard covers all the patching and unevenness of my work—and it tastes divine.

It didn’t rain at all, all day, and it stayed bright but not sunny. There was thin cloud overhead, but I spent the afternoon indoors baking and making a favourite chicken dish. It was cold yesterday. I was happy to be indoors baking. And happy all day knowing that I’d be having a visit with Bruce and Caryn today.

Today has dawned overcast and damp. There’s barely rain, but it’s enough to make the day an indoor day for visiting with my friends. As soon as they leave, I have a clinic meeting, so it’s a rather busy day with, likely, too much talking. 

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