Saturday, February 25, 2023

Work, Work, Work!

  Two brothers rescue birds of prey falling from the polluted skies of Delhi. The film won best documentary at Sundance and Cannes and is nominated at the Baftas and the Oscars.

Friday was one busy, busy day, worsened by horrid anxiety because I thought for hours that I had lost the Foundation members list—years of data collection down the drain I thought. I was feeling sick, absolutely sick with a sense of failure and shame. I informed our treasurer and thought of making a fundraiser out of my public burning. But I found the list. People might have heard me sighing with relief in Nanaimo.

I had to work on the clinic newsletter, a brochure for our De Our Doctor campaign, and I spent ages trying to download the clinic mailing list with all the data. My day stank once I realized the problem with the list. All the tension wore me out. Right after dinner, I wanted to go to bed, but I forced myself to stay awake until 9:00, at which point I was a zombie. I went instantly to sleep.

But what a night. For some reason I was dreaming about sea creatures. In one dream, a Nudibranch was behaving like a pet with my in an apartment, and later I dreamt that a large fish was sleeping in my bed with me. What would Freud say, I wonder?

This morning it’s snowing again, but very, very lightly. It’s predicted to pick up later in the day. I will be doing clinic work and running my lines. And speaking of running lines, I did my best run of the first 800 words. I only blew 3 transitions, and that proves practice makes …. Well, not perfect, but getting closer. I will do 10 runs today.

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