Sunday, March 5, 2023

My Day

Whereas Friday was discouraging, Saturday was the opposite.

When I awoke, I lay in my nice warm bed for a while, not wanting to get up in the cold air of my bedroom. And I tried reciting my lines and it went very, very well. I’m still not perfect on the 100 words I memorized yesterday, but that’s to be expected. It takes a week of running lines to cement the lines I learn.

It’s taking me a lot of time; memorizing is a lot of work—at least for me it is. I’m just lucky that I am enjoying the process. It is not frustrating me. I have moments of panic, when I think I’ll never be able to recite 1,700 words without blocking. But when I do, I think about having a prompter close by when I do these shows.

My (relative) success thrills me because I am achieving something.

I designed our second newsletter in a new program yesterday morning. I was thrilled to be able to do it in new software. I abandoned the software I used for the first one in favour of the software in which previous correspondence was sent out by our board member, Harvey. I feel much better about Mailchimp software for our purposes. I like the look of what I’ve done, and I’m proud of its contents—both text and accompanying illustrations.

Once that was done, I took Her Highness for a walk on a damp, grey day. It was above zero, so that was good, but everything was super saturated—the air, the ground, everything. It was wonderful to come home to a lovely warm home and the fire. I read, memorized and did some shopping. That was my day.

Today has dawned bright and sunny. The snow is melting and almost gone. I’m going on the big community dog walk and then coming home for another day like yesterday—minus the shopping. 

I’m still having trouble with the last 200 words of the 800 I am focusing on. The first 600 roll out of me like my breath. It takes no effort at all to do them. But the 200 I’ve recently learned still needs a lot of practice to become cemented in my memory, so that is what I’ll be concentrating on today. 

I could live here!

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