Sunday, January 28, 2018


Sheba woke me at 2:30 am after pooping all over the dinning room again. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I started writing and she started whining. She seems to want constant attention but it was two f--king thirty in the morning, pitch black and it was pouring so hard there were puddles on the lawn. I’m not going to play fetch at 2:30 am in a downpour.
I’m dreading the funnel days ahead. After her spaying coming up soon, she’ll need a collar to keep her from licking her stitches. It’s going to kill me. She’s a strong willed bitch.
And I’m legally a bastard, so this place shouldn’t be Pinecone Park & Spa; it should be Bitch and Bastard B & B or B & B and B & B or B2B2
The mornings are long, wet and dark.
Saturday got off to a much better start.
I slept in to my usual: 4:00 am and got to work on the Arts Council tasks until I went to meet Jay for breakfast at Robert’s. I’ve come to love the diner food and atmosphere there. It’s really fun. (He commented on my sweat pants!)
Then I came home and was deciding what to do when there was a knock at the door. It was Meryl, my new next-door neighbour. She is a charming, beautiful young woman (and dog owner). She and her partner plan to rent the place for a year or so and then move in. I was terribly impressed with her initiative to introduce herself and delighted to meet her.
I continued with Arts Council volunteer work in the afternoon — it’s a lot of simple work — and I assembled two chairs.
Today I opened the low table I want for the studio. I’ll be able to stand my mannequins on it when I’m working on a bodice and the high table when I’m working on the skirt. I am so set! But the table is crap. I loathe it; it’s fake wood, something I cannot abide.
I didn’t finish assembling it. Sheba was being an actual pain in the ass and getting up so early predisposes me to laziness.
I’m really happy I cancelled the sunroom. I’d love to have one but the primary purpose was to help me keep the cats inside. The cats, however, aren’t hovering by the doors. They’re curious but not desperate to venture out and I like the idea of enriching life at Pinecone Park in other ways.

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