Friday, October 12, 2018

A Slow Day

Thursday was quiet. It was just what I wanted. I washed not a single dish; not a finger was lifted all day.
Wednesday I could not speak at all with the ferry ticket person and when I arrived and met Bill, Marsha, Caryn and Bruce, I had a seizure and a Hell of a time speaking for a while. I was so excited to be with such wonderful long-time friends, I think that’s why I seized. It was disappointing to realize I’m not “cured.” 
Still…I want more day trips!
Vancouver Island and the other islands afford me lots to explore and I’m starting to have a sense of the routes on the big island. I’m gaining some familiarity and I’m glad of that because the place is absolutely stunning. I just can’t get over how much fun it is to visit places around here.
I never had any interest in any part of BC. I wanted to go to exotic places all my life. I had no idea what was here. I’ve found another reason to be happy about my condition and it’s consequence—no more flying anywhere.
Every once in a while I think about Dr. Shoja who was once the epicentre of a world that made no sense to me. I don’t miss her at all but I will never forget her or what she did for me. But I doubt I’ll ever go back.
Karen, a person I will meet on Saturday, will care for my pets when I go to Vancouver to see Guo Pei and visit friends. I’m really happy to have found another pet sitter (Chalise is not available much any more); it means I can go to Vancouver sometimes this winter.
The drilling equipment has arrived in the lot next door. They are drilling the well today and that means days about a week of God awful noise. Thank God I live in a log home. The thick walls will muffle the racket really well.
I’m much smarter about wood heating this year. I wear a sweater now every day and burn just a low fire. I have six cords of wood, so I’ve a good supply. After seeing my Hydro costs for last year, I’m committed to only heating with wood.
My ladies are scheduled to “perform” in May. After they come out, no more heating the studio. That will lessen my energy consumption, more.
It’s a really beautiful and warm day today and I lovehaving no agenda. I love the solitary days and having a fire. I was wrong to be concerned about how I’d pass my time this winter. Tonight, Patsy and I are dining at The Surfto celebrate my anniversary here.

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