Sunday, October 28, 2018


Saturday began in sunshine and a trip to Drumbeg where we met Phil (also from West Van like me) and Skallywag and the two dogs ran a marathon together. In the afternoon the rain came.
I spent the day just chillin’ with the pets, keeping the fire going, doing some work on the Arts Council planning. I got an email from the Arts Council ED saying she’s presenting our plan to the board’s finance committee on Monday for approval. That means a lot of research and writing for me if it’s approved.
The plan is to stage three parties, each with an interval of entertainment: A Love Party, a Heroines Partyand an Icon Party. For the Love PartyI have to assemble about half-an-hour of text by famous writers of poetry, fiction and drama, film and autobiography about love for our guest host to read. For the Heroines Party, I have to fix all my ladies, adapt the letters and write a new monologue for “Charlotte” (an actor who will pretend to have made the dresses).
For the Icons Party, I have to write a short monologue for four actresses who will take on the role of four famous female artists. Each monologue will be drawn from the writings and words spoken by the artists; I just have to assemble the selected quotations into a script with rhythm and flow.
I suggested this series but then I lost faith in it and started trying to think of an alternate plan. I wrote to tell the ED of my change of heart but she replied with enthusiasm for the project and it really surprised me. 
In the end, however, it’s worked out well because doing the series is clearly her decision. I definitely didn’t talk her into this plan; I did the opposite. I won’t feel pressure to ensure it succeeds. 
There’s a nice division of labour too. I’ll be responsible for the entertainment and the ED will be responsible for the venues, marketing, ticket sales, staffing and the consumables. She’ll be the event producer and I’ll be in charge of the “show.”
Today we go on a community dog walk in pouring rain and then I go shopping. I’m going to make soup and a cake for the visit of Shirley and Margot who arrive on Tuesday. And tonight: Endeavor, The Durellsand Anne with an E—my favourite night of television.

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