Thursday, November 8, 2018

Andrei Wins!

Regina, from my dog-walking group, came to the house today right after this morning’s walk. She brought a gift: A digestive aid for Sheba. Regina has a Poodle cross, as I do, who also has digestive issues and she says this treatment will help Sheba digest food.
Mid-day I swept the courtyard tiles and started weeding in between in between the cracks. It was nice work once I got going; the air was very cool but the sunshine was glorious and I loved the light scent of fire smoke in the air. FYI: I filled my large wheelbarrow with the fallen Pine needles swept up off the courtyard and it’s not been that long since I last swept it. That’s how much it rains needles here.
Then I was off to GIRO to deposit recycling that is not accepted curbside. I was glad to find myself enjoying doing these tasks. (It was likely due to the excellent weather!) I can be quite the slug but accomplishing things can feel really good.

The pièce de résistance du jour was harvesting my marijuana (above). I’m surprised by how much survived the mold and my indifference. My hands were thick with resin like some old Turkish Opium picker by the time I was done. It smells divine and with that much resin it’s likely to yield some mighty fine vapor.

This was Andrei’s final showstopper creation on The Great Canadian Baking Show last night. It’s a trio of French choux pastry classical creations: A Paris Brest on the bottom topped with choux swans; a Gateau St. Honoré filled with chiboust cream; and a croquembouche crowned with an elaborate sugar cone.
He feckin’ won the competition! And he deserved to win. Look at that thing, baked in a very hot tent under competitive conditions. And when his win was announced, the emotions of this man, who’s very cerebral and controlled, exploded. It was really moving to watch. I, of course, had tears in my eyes. 
I met Les when I was twenty-four. She was a mainstay of my life until a few years ago when I realized I wasn’t hearing from her any more. At first, I’d write to her and always get a warm reply, so I didn’t worry. But I sensed the friendship was dying and it has really, really distressed me.
About six months ago, I wrote and her reply was cool; I felt dismissed. I decided I shouldn’t write anymore but about ten days ago I did because I think about her constantly and really miss her. But she hasn’t written back.
Rejection hurts. I “lost” two friends this year with no explanation. I’m glad that I’m making new friends here. And speaking of them…Today’s task is baking a cake for tomorrow night’s dessert.
Tomorrow night five very nice virtual strangers are coming for dinner—well…purchased pizza. I’m looking forward to their visit; each one of them has mentioned in our brief conversations that they want to expand their social circle here. We are all relatively new full-time residents. But I’m nervous. I had two seizures yesterday even though I was home with my pets all day.

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