Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Chris & Frani Day

I was stunned: Tuesday dawn unseasonably warm and with a cloudless sky. The unpredicted sunshine turned the treetops into gold at 8:00 and so our first walk of the day was a delight (even though the trails were flooded from yesterdays torrential rain).
The break in the weather allowed me to do some tidying in the backyard before Chris and Frani arrived just after 3:00. We immediately had coffee and started getting caught up. We ordered pizza for dinner and ate together here.
Talking was really hard for me. It’s almost like the more I care for my visitors, the more difficulty I have speaking. I also had a few seizures—all of them mild. But it felt great to be together with such good and longtime friends.
It’s still rather warm for this time of year and good weather is predicted right through to my birthday. It looks like we’re going to get through the entire season without any weather disturbance whatsoever.
Today Frani is coming with me on my dog walk, we’ll lunch together in the village, we’ll spa and we’ll have another evening together. They leave tomorrow.
Frani and Chris are making plans for their future. By “future” I mean their demise. They are underwriting the expansion of their childrens’ homes so that they will have a place to live as long as they can live outside a medical/housing facility. We’re all around seventy; it’s a wise thing to consider. But I didn’t feel comfortable because I’ve no family to lean on.
I’m not worried. What’s going to happen, is going to happen; that’s the depth of my attitude. Chris and Frani’s daughter and son-in-law have offered to care for me. Now you know why I love this family. 
For now, however, I want to live as long as I can in the paradise of an island and in this ideal home with my beloved pets, doing nothing but enjoying the moment.

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