Monday, September 13, 2021

Wonderful Miss Nicky


The new Mae West!  Madonna, 63,
on Sunday’s MTV Award Show. Ugh!

Sunday was a gorgeous day. Nicky and I talked the early part of the day away—especially about a play we did together called North Shore Live; it was such a high and ended so painfully for both of us. We were betrayed by our partners, Tom Wood and Bob Baker. They’re now understood to be morally bankrupt beings. Our experience with them was repeated several more times between them and others in the Canadian theatre community. 

Nicky is magical; she has an open and loving soul. She is accepting and fun; her emotional commitment liberates the performer in me. We’ve long enjoyed a form of improv bantering in characters we dream up. Her trust frees me to have fun; she’s a magical improve partner. We’ve resolved to meetup again in the Fall in Qualicum.

At ten, I Zoomed for two hours with my fellow stutterers. Nic left at 1:00 and so Her Highness and I went for a lovely long afternoon walk in spectacular weather. I came home to chill because Steve arrives today. He’s coming to spend the week here.

In the evening I watched The Great British Baking Show. I love, love, love the show—rather, I love, love, love the people on the show. Last night I teared up over Mark, who was booted. He is such an appealing person! He cannot speak without smiling. When it was announced that he was the one to be eliminated, two other bakers, also impossibly appealing, were crying.

This is the time of year when I always worry about ‘how I’m going to get through the Winter.’ Right now, after months of drought and heat and all my time spent outdoors, I cannot imagine endless days inside the house. However, I’ve avowed to remain in place every Summer. It’s the time of year to be here where there’s miles and miles of trails, and lots of beaches.

My time to visit Vancouver and friends there, is during early Fall to late Spring. I can only travel when it rains during the growing season or all my considerable investment in plants, of time and money, will be lost. So soon I expect to go to the Big Smoke and have me some fine dining with friends.

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