Wednesday, December 14, 2022

December Moves Quickly

Last night I had a meeting of the Recruitment and Retention committee (it is in charge of the search for doctors). It does not, in my opinion, act in the best interest of the Foundation. It is led by Nancy who’s committed to the success of the campaign to recruit doctors, but she is leading the committee with no concern at all for the Foundation’s needs and desires. I have no hope that I can bring order to the organizational chaos we’re currently creating.

I’m going to appeal to Dyan to talk to some other board members about this problem to see if I can interest others into the discussion and to learn from them if my concerns are merited. The campaign is competitive rather than cooperative, in its relationship with the Foundation. Tomorrow is the board meeting of the Foundation. It may suck me deeper into the vortex of chaos. I will persevere or adapt.

My 4 rechargeable light bulbs arrived. They are amazing and they will be a wonderful asset when we next have a power failure when it is dark outside. They will make if very easy to read.

My STAMMA group, an FND support group is dying. Thirty-three people went out of their way to join our group, but only 4 of us came to sessions regularly initially, and that number has shrunk to two. I fear that our group will not endure and that makes me really sad. I may write them a letter asking them to come to the next one so that we can have lots of us in on a discussion about how we can make the group work for everyone.

I can’t believe how fast time is moving. In no time at all, it will be Christmas. The only thing I love about the holiday, is when it is over. Soon, it will be the new year and every new year, I feel the thrill of new beginnings, just like I did as a young lad every September when school started. I loved the start of school in new cloths and with clean, brand-new scribblers with clean smooth sheets of paper. I loved writing and especially on those pristine sheets of paper.

The days start getting longer in January, Valentine’s feels like the beginning of Springtime to me, and March sees the factual arrival of Spring, and in April the flora explodes into life. In December, Summer feels like it’s years away, but January always feels to me like the first step to Summer and that I survived another holiday.

The Fortuny style dress!

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