Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Back to Gabriola

Today was a day to relax — no stress about selling and no open house. I went to see Dr. Shoja and then checked out a table at EQ3 that will do excellently for my desk. It’s on sale, so that’s perfect.
We have to catch the 6:20 am ferry to Nanaimo tomorrow morning to be there for the building inspection; Dwayne’s picking me up at 5:30 am. I authorized septic and water inspections for Thursday so there’s no removing my subjects until Friday. And that’s my plan: Remove subjects on Friday and party all weekend by buying stuff for the place.
But tomorrow night I party too. I’m taking Dwight, Laura and Robin to dinner at Ancora to celebrate the sale of my place. Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights I’m dining with friends, too.
Regardless of the inspections, I’m living life believing the cabin’s mine — almost all water problems and septic problems are solvable with cash and that’s something I’ve got right now.
I’ll be back Friday.

Roman pillow. Spare me please!
My kind of "Roman" pillow.

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