Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tangental Drama!

Holy Jesus fuck.
I decided to walk to Dr. Shoja. It meant walking over the Granville Street Bridge. As I approached the apex of the bridge a couple was standing blocking my way and facing away from me. When I started to pass them, I saw her. She was perched on the handrail getting ready to launch herself off the bridge.
No sooner had I seen her than two police cars arrived on my left. Two police officers got out of the car in front of me and the burly cop walked right up to the perching woman and grabbed her. He pulled her onto the sidewalk and handcuffed her. Then he told us to leave.
I walked on in kind of a daze and wondering why the handcuffs and then all of a sudden I started hyperventilating and it lasted far longer than usual. Once it had passed I continued on but when I got to VGH I had another — this one even worse. And when Dr. S. called me in I was finger spelling and signing everything. I could not make a sound.
Then another one; this morning was very hard to experience.
It even started off bad. It dawned orange. The air is hot and forest fire smoke is filtering our light and giving our air an acrid smell. Car alarms are going off triggered by the heavy traffic serving the many construction projects that surround me and right outside my window some kind of giant vacuum cleaner is sucking gravel off the roof across the lane. It’s so loud my concrete building is vibrating.
By the time I came out of Dr. S’s office, the smoky sky had turned jaundice yellow. The smoke must be thick because it’s quite dark. It’s eerie. And so hot.
Meanwhile…. In the public garden across the street someone is growing asparagus. They’ve surrounded it with a flimsy wire fence and draped some fabric on the fence to keep their plants from burning in the afternoon sun and they put a sign on it: “This is the awning of the cage of asparagus.”

Baby Orangutang hand.

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