Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Victory (Almost )

Getting no response to my offer in three days discombobulated me so I went for a long slow walk pondering what to do. I arrived home and started looking for alternate properties but I came up blank. Nothing could compare to Violet Crescent. So I called realtor Dwayne to get his thoughts about the delay and he’s just heard from the vendor.
The vendor counter offered and I accepted it with glee. I’m giddy to be so much closer to living in a log cabin! There are two more hurdles: Selling this place and passing a professional inspection next Wednesday. If the inspection goes well, I will remove the subjects on September 23rd and start moving in on October 8th.
Wow. Just Wow. Leon is going to burst with joy to have a fireplace and access to the outdoors. And so am I. I celebrated with a donut.

Another thing: The walk confirmed the wisdom of my decision to move. The city brutalizes my senses.

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