Thursday, April 12, 2018


Count on this: That's not my hand!

Tuesday was sunny and really warm! It was the nicest weather of the year, to date. And today is looking fabulous as well. Beth and I need these breaks from the eternal rain.
I baked an apple pie in the morning and went to Drumbegafterwards with Sheba while Beth took a conference call and worked on her taxes and her projects.  Late in the afternoon she went for a walk and I ‘took the waters’ (remember that expression?).
The day was a gift. I‘ve been working fairly diligently on my script but when the weather’s been good I’ve taken Beth somewhere. Consequently, garbage builds up, wood goes un-stacked, a puppy goes unwashed and chores don’t get done. So Tuesday I baked the pie, did chores and got some yard work done.  
I scattered soil over practically bare sandstone in my front yard hoping the natural ground will cover it. 
I’ve encountered by first Gabriola bummer.
I’ve written about the Chernobyl birds here — all so gargantuan and healthy looking. Well I think they have B52 bees here or horseflies. I haven’t seen what makes such a God-awfully loud and ominous sound. I left a phone message for Jay asking himn what I was hearing. It sounds like its six inches long!
He called back: They’re giant hornets, about an inch and a half long. Jay got stung by one already and told me to keep my distance. No problem!
Mark is about ten years younger than I am but he’s in St. Paul’s now and he’s staying there until he gets a heart transplant. I’m amazed to have a friend in such a position. His wife has started a blog. I hate to call or write to Shirley, his wife, during such a crisis but I do want to know how he is, so the blog is fantastic.
Scene three of The Defiant Dressis a disaster. It’s a total wreck, more a rant about my pet peeves with the visual art “industry.” There was no action and it was dull. I have to re-think it as well as re-write it.
I have found a new wood supplier. This fellow is easily the most businesslike provider I’ve dealt with and so I’m taking a risk and I’ve ordered three cords. My body aches just thinking about it but I’m determined to get all next year’s wood sooner than later so I can do the dreaded stacking in good weather.
So today I start dealing in earnest with a mountain of garbage. It’s going to be a massive amount of work to get rid of all the construction trash plus the detritus left by the previous owner. I’ve got to sort all the metal scrap and odd things for GIRO and cut up as much of the wood as I can for kindling. Garbage I’ll bag and pay to have removed.
It’s going to take a month of conscientious work but as I don’t work outdoors in the rain, that month of work will take two or three months to do.

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