Wednesday, April 4, 2018

We Begin Beth Week #2

Tuesday was a great day. I was cloudy, but warm and there was no rain.
Beth spent the morning in the studio whilst I assembled of the official Pinecone Park & Spa(rather slight) lounge chairs for the deck. (See previous post.) It took quite a while and was hard to do.
Then Beth made us fabulous Turkey sandwiches (which seems awful given that we have lovely wild turkeys roaming our village) before we went back to Drumbeg Park. Today we had it almost all to ourselves except for Willow, a double Shepherd cross, and Willow’s owner.
The two dogs were instant best friends; it was truly a beautiful thing to watch them run and play forever. Willow chased Sheba and then they’d switch roles. It sounded like a porn movie; all you could hear was heavy breathing.
Later, a helicopter hovered endlessly over the sea. Boy they are noisy. 
We came home. I put the garbage out, put the chemicals into the hot tub and put up the hammock. I vacuumed got the house back in order whilst Beth was in the studio. While I worked, I got positively stoned on the smell of Turkey soup simmering on the stove. Again: Beth’s work.
I made puff pastry with lemon curd inside for our dessert and then we watched some TV before I went to bed, early as usual.
The coming week is predicted to be wet, Darrell is clearly not going to be working here because the paving squares haven’t arrived and Beth has found a German TV series to watch, so I plan to focus on my script. I have one month to work on it before it goes to the Arts Clubto be considered for development.
It was in May of last year that I was in this same situation. Caryn, an Arts Clubstage manager, saw my dresses, gushed to Rachel, their dramaturge, and so I sent the script to Rachel and sat on pins and needles for weeks. I eventually heard I was on the short list for their new play series.
Now I start all over again. And the Arts Clubdoesn’t any longer have a new play series. Instead, they plan to remount new scripts produced by small theatres rather than investing in new play development.
No small theatre can produce my show. It needs two proximate spaces. That’s why the Arts Clubis so important. So this is my last kick at the can. If they say “No,” my ladies will come out in an exhibition here.
So today I will plow through the first scene. Late today, somehow, I will exhaust Sheba so that Beth, Patsy and I can go to The Surffor dinner and to watch Twilight Theatre’sradio play. (I’m a little nervous about leaving Sheba alone for so long.)

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