Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spa Reports

Spa Weather Report: Tomorrow we may get a bit of a break; otherwise endless rain and nice warm temperatures. Go plants!

Spa Social Report: Wednesday morning, I worked on the opening scene of Defiant Dress(all the while wishing I were Neil Simon). Beth worked in the studio. It rained solid but light, all morning so there’s not much to say.
I took Sheba for a 45-minute walk in the rain. I got soaked but it was warm and I enjoyed it; not a soul was out and I had to tire her for an evening at home alone.  
In spite of the rain, it was a good day. The rain functions like those ankle bracelets people on home arrest have to wear and the forecast remains endless rain. But nice warm temperatures prevail.
Beth’s kind of taken over the kitchen, doing all the cooking for us but last night I took her, Patsy and I out for dinner at The Surfand to see the Twilight Theatreradio players. I was giddy like a kid when we got there. I was positively over-the-top for some reason.
We had a perfect table, right beside a window and a fine view of the players and an hour to talk together before the show. I was thrilled with the night but I couldn’t make it past intermission; I got so high at the beginning, I crashed. I raced home and went directly to bed.
We have our pattern. Beth works in the studio, where she can play her piano and do her exercises without Sheba wanting to join in. And I work on The Defiant Dressin the house. In the evenings we watch movies, but tonight I go to dog training classes.
Spa Assets Report: The pavers arrive tomorrow but Darrell wants to wait for good weather before he comes back to work. That could be a while,.

Spa Manager’s Medical Report: I’ve come a long, long way.
I will never forget 2016. I will never forget hiding behind a dumpster and crying in despair while wearing two pairs of sunglasses and earplugs after six seizures in a row in a lane off Davie Street. I was crying because I didn’t feel I could go on.
Now I pass, except with strangers when my stutter emerges. Still, I am happy and proud of how I am coping with a roommate. I had only my third seizure since Beth arrived yesterday. It lasted roughly forty-five seconds and I don’t think she even noticed.
But I crash. Last night at the play and after dinner, the bottom fell out. I sped home in the car feeling like I was drowning. When I got here, I just turned off all the lights and got into bed as quickly as I could. It’s scary; I feel like a dying battery and that I have to get into bed before I’m empty.
Spa Bookings Report: I’ve decided to talk to Beth about leaving on the 16thbecause Allan and Larry are here from the 19thto the 22nd.(I need some down time before two people come to stay.)
Diane and DR come for four days at the beginning of May and after them, Dwight comes for a weekend. And people thought I’d be lonely.
I feel like I won the lottery by moving here. I live in paradise and my friends come to visit. Not only that: The visits here are qualitative. They are not the hurried, quickly forgotten, air kisses I am used to from fast-paced urban life.

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