Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A New Scene Three Done

I did it. I got a new scene three. I worked diligently but it didn’t feel like work because I love writing fiction and dialogue. And I love problem solving. It’s like nothing else; it’s like a drug. 
Scene three was broken, and badly. So yesterday I I walked and I thought and this morning I sat down and started writing — just letting it go to see where it went. And it went in a direction true to the characters. I’m pleased with scene, I’m pleased with a new “trick” that gives Billy much more dimension and I’m pleased with the ending.  
Monday is going to bring an end to my solitude. Three people are coming to visit. Edwin is coming and his visit is significant because of how we met. 
One day in 1974 I came home from work and there was a tall mighty blonde male stranger sitting in my garden. It was Edwin. He introduced himself as a friend of my friend Michael McGonigle and said he wanted to stay at my place.
This was in Nice. He was one of three strangers who came to stay; that’s what happened when you live on the Riviera. But he was a fabulous guest and we’ve enjoyed a wonderful friendship ever since but this visit will be the first time we’ve shared a living space since ‘74.
Sue and Fran are arriving on Monday, too. They’ve booked a B&B close to The Surffor a week so we’ll have lots of fun; they and Edwin and I can double date. Sue and I went to high school together. She was also on board when I rented a train car for my friends and I to travel across Canada and back to visit Expo ’67. Fran, Sue and I go way back to the early days of the Arts Club Theatre. Fran is a blast; I always laugh a lot with Fran. 
There are birds now that I don’t recognize and I’ve looked at lists online various ways to identify it and it remains a mystery. I need to get a real camera that can do close-ups so I can show a photo to people and post it here.
I earned a nomination for the Gomer Pyle award. I built the oddest, most amateur, “cage” for my marijuana plants. The only place for them is in the front yard where deer could eat them. I’ve no idea if deer would eat them and what would happen if they did. Probably nothing. But I’m sure my cage protects both my plants and the deer.

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