Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dog Walk Day

There was a smattering of rain Saturday morning; it was nice and cool and damp — beautiful in its own way. Everything shone green; the landscape was gentle and flat. There were no harsh shadows or bright light forcing your eyes to squint or don glasses. Instead, I could see everything purely.
It’s like every leaf stood out; every branch of every frond of every fern is perfect. No deer, insect or falling branch has damaged anything growing. There are only signs of plenty; no brown of drought. And … the air is free of insects.
I was out with fertilizer and the hose attending to newly planted and transplanted shrubs and flowers; on a day like today, the water holds. Then I went to the opening day of the Farmers’ Market. It was more crafts fair than agricultural fair, but it was fun.
I was unable to get any words out at all with anyone at the market but afterwards I went to lunch with Patsy at The Surfand slowly my voice came back.
I pissed away the rest of the day in the sunshine tracking the growth in my garden.
This morning I’m enjoying re-working scene one again. 
I can’t write comedy very well. I need to work with actors and hear my words spoken to bring wit to the dialogue. I think most people consider me witty in conversation but I can’t bring that wit to paper. Accepting that, I have guarded confidence in my work and a focus for any workshops I can earn.
I’ll keep working until 9:00 am when it’ll be time to get ready for the community dog walk. The walk has become a highlight of my week.
It’s cloudy this morning but it will clear, I can tell, and for the next week the agenda is only sunshine so there’ll be lots of beach walks and I plan to finish the fence.

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