Friday, February 8, 2019

A Good Life

My dear, bubbly, relentlessly happy and curious friend, Cathy, died Thursday morning in Valencia. Gone is her relentless energy for others and good causes, gone is that laughter and gone is that delightfully animated bright pink bomber jacket I’ll never forget.
Going to sleep last night was difficult. My mind kept “seeing” a pink bomber jacket and Cathy’s listing in my contact book and each recollection made me cry.
I “found” some old wood behind my shed that I’d forgotten about. I stacked it there last summer; it was amongst the crap left here by the previous owners. It’s very old Cherry wood that was cut down years ago. It’s silver/grey now and some is almost rotting, but it burns like gasoline! My house is toasty warm and I’m delighted.
The arborist’s work has really opened up my backyard canopy. I’m thrilled and he’s coming back to do more—not felling trees, but trimming of high and huge branches that still block the sun.
And it’s snowing this morning. Just lightly—enough to make the outdoors beautiful but not so much as to stay for long or be dangerous. I had an early walk with Sheba and then went for breakfast with Jay and his sister, Kelly. Today will be a day of rest, cozy by the wonderful fire of the old Cherry wood I found. Tomorrow, the sun is coming back, but it’s staying cold.
I designed and ordered tickets for our party, revised the design for the postcards to advertise the Selfies show and the party and totally rebuilt our blog Wednesday and yesterday. And today I glue the cover “decals” onto the Selfie kits. I’ve been really busy with this project but now we’re almost ready to launch.
As soon as the print deliverables arrive, we will stuff the kits and get them into the store where they are being sold. Then we hope and pray the community gets involved.

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