Sunday, May 16, 2021

Dinner and E&F's

Saturday was another lovely day of bright sunshine. I did naught of all I’d expected to do, preferring to enjoy being idle and taking long walks with Her Highness. But the evening was rich with fun. Eoin and François served us all fabulous food and I loved seeing their pigs and dogs. 

We ate on the deck and I, in particular (being the only one who doesn’t drink alcohol) enjoyed the Rhubarb lemonade that Eoin made. It was absolutely delicious! This morning, Jay is coming by with some Rhubarb for me from his garden. I make bake something or make the drink for myself. I think I need some Rhubarb plants for Pinecone Park, so I may visit the nursery later today.

The boys served us some delicious saussison sec—one of my favourite treats. They get it delivered from Tofino and so later today I'm calling the Picnic Charcouterie to order some for me. Yum!

But at 2:30, I’m Zooming with several dear friends.

Money. It’s become such an abstract concept. I realized the other day that I haven’t touched any real money for months. I tap for absolutely everything. 

Tomorrow, I’m due at the clinic to provide them with sputum—my second sputum test since getting the lung infection, but I doubt that I’ll be able to do it. I am not coughing at all anymore and if I force a cough, I get nothing to put into the specimen jar. It’s good news for me, but I’m supposed to be providing samples for six months. Not possible!

It’s another brilliant day. Will I do some yard work? I don’t know and I don’t care.

I’m meeting Eoin, François and Jay for brunch at the Firetruck food truck at Silva Bay at eleven and then Zooming, so I might be inclined to just chill and to start a new book. I finished Shuggie Bain and loved it.

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