Monday, May 31, 2021

Just Another Day

Sunday was icky; we had angel piss all morning and an overcast afternoon. I had a dull headache and felt tired through the day. I read, I did a little—very little—weeding, and walked Her Highness. When it came time for our afternoon walk, it was warm, humid and silent in the forest. Mother nature was breathing out; mist rising off everything green during brief, hot periods of sunlight.

By the end of the walk, my ennui had lifted. Being in Mother’s green arms made me feel deeply happy. And I thank Sheba for being in my life because it’s for her I get my ass in gear and walk twice a day.

 I slouched on the couch all evening, looking forward to today. And the day has dawned bright and clear, so I expect to be working on the roof today and having something constructive to do all day pleases me. I want the days to fly by this week because Todd and Jessica are coming here on Saturday for an overnight visit.

The weather forecast has changed from endless gorgeousness to stupendous tomorrow and then dull, dark and boring henceforth after that. Sigh. But … the charcuterie that I ordered from Tofino should arrive later today and that’ll give me something to enjoy through the week. And of course, there’s all my new books.

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