Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Happy @ Home in the Rain

Monday was quite cool in the morning, but the sunshine warmed our island up by afternoon. Walking with my fellow dog walkers was lovely because it felt so good to be home and back to normal. I’m taking it easy as Beth is coming on Thursday and Shari is joining us on Saturday. I want to be in good shape for their visit.

Something made me watch Untold: breaking Point on Netflix, which is weird because I’m not at all a sports fan. It’s about tennis ace, Mardy Fish. I am not recommending it; I’m mentioning it because it was rather profound for me because it is not really about tennis, it’s about living with severe anxiety. It was cathartic for me to see how strongly anxiety affected someone else. Seeing it made me feel less weak.

Thank you, Bruce!

Bruce wrote to me to tell me it likely was Greta Garbo I met on the stairs in New York (see the previous post). I erred in believing that she’d died in 1941; she died in 1990! So, it was likely her that I met in 1967. Hurray! She was so warm and friendly to me. I loved her kindness no matter who she was, but it’s kind of thrilling that I met such a legend.

It’s very wet today and tomorrow there may be a storm. Our drought seems impossible to believe in now that we’re well into the wet seasons. Our forest walks will be short today.

After travelling to Victoria and Vancouver since my heart attack, I realize how much I want to stay home and not travel. I likely will make both trips again, but they are not adventures that I welcome. I am best here at home with my pets, the birds and my playground. I’m certain that my calm, quiet life here is the reason I don’t have seizures any more.


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