Monday, October 3, 2022

Apple Fair @ 26°

It was 26° here yesterday and the same is predicted for today. Summer in October! I can’t believe how great it is. My gardens miss the rain, but I don’t. We’ve had one day of rain since mid-July. Our walk yesterday morning had me feeling giddy. It is so, so incredibly lovely to walk in the forest in October and yet still be toasty warm. All was still; there was no wind at all. 

Even watering was lovely in the increasing heat of late morning. I see things to do everywhere, but I say to myself: Next year. Instead, I came inside to be with Bruno, Sheba, Fred and Ethel. My kitties loved the small fire I lit. Although it’s so warm outside, it’s quite cool in the house, so the fire made us all very, very comfortable. 

It stuns me to be able to hang out. My laundry in October. It’s usually too humid to dry clothes outdoors this late in the year, even on a sunny day, but all my laundry was dry in a matter of an hour—but then it is 25° and very, very dry outside.

At 3:00, I went to the Apple Fair. Lots of friends were going and it was, of course, stunning weather for a community fair. There were lots of people and everyone was happy to be in shorts and tees in October. And everyone was there for the apple fritters that Slow Rise Bakery had been advertising for weeks—but they didn’t show up. But there were lots of wonderful dogs. I stopped to pat all of them.

In the evening, I asked myself: What have I learned from the recent speech crisis. 

I learned nothing new. Put another way: I learned the same old things. There are ups and downs, but I always return to my new normal.  Know that. But I panic. I panic even thought I know that it will end. But I keep worrying that it won’t. I sometimes ache with desire to be rid of FND.

I have must tackle the website. I have clinic writing to do. And I’ve more research to do on medical trade journals across Canada. If I don’t want to talk or cannot in meetings, I like to have my thoughts and proposals on paper. I wish the rains would come. I’d do more writing. But right now, it’s exhilarating to be outdoors.

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