Sunday, October 2, 2022

More Rest; Better Speech

Saturday was, no surprise here, sunny and bright. All I wanted to do was read and rest and to have more Pad Thai for dinner. I gave myself the entire day to chill after all the recent turmoil of muteness, a clinic board meeting, my disability assessment, and an epic day of cooking on Friday—plus the party itself. 

I started my day with an epic job of doing dishes. Then I had a lovely long leisurely spa in the brisk morning air. That was followed by a walk with Her Highness before coming home to settle onto my chaise with Bruno. I love these Bruno books. I love all the French names, the food that is a huge part of the book, and the landscapes that are so vividly described. It’s like being in France when I am with Bruno.

The severity of my speech crisis is less of a handicap now. I’m back to being capable of communicating in person around home. I’m very relieved. I wonder if stopping clinic work has helped. I wonder if being outside in October in glorious sunshine and temperatures in the mid-twenties helps. Who knows! But something is making me rally.

And now: Sunday! It will be another day of rest and relaxation, but I’ll also do some watering. It’s unbelievable that I am having to water the gardens in October!

I’m going on the big community dog walk today and then, this afternoon, I’m planning to take in the Apple Fair on the Commons. It’s something interesting to do and it’s a lovely annual community event. Then tonight, I finish my delicious Thai food and watch movies. 

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