Saturday, April 15, 2023

The Slow Life

We all enjoyed our forest walk Friday morning. It was so sunny and bright. I’m anxious, however, for warmth. My friend, Beth, in Toronto, has been enjoying temperatures in the low 20s and I am very jealous.

When I got home, it was time to start shlepping wood. Oh my God, my back got sore quickly. I guess it’s all the bending. I worked for about an hour and then I had to rest my back. When I went back to work, I could only sustain working for half an hour before I needed another rest. Oh my God, it hurt. SO I downed some Ibuprofen and kept at it, thinking constantly of how good the spa would feel when I finished.

Last night I watched Women Talking. I quite loved it, but it was easy to like. I dore Jessie Buckley, Ben Wishaw, Frances McDormand, and Claire Foy, and it was wonderful to see Canadian actor Sheila McCarthy with a lead role. What a great way to pass my night watching such a thoughtful film.

Today is overcast, cool and damp. There’s no rain (yet) but it feels likely to come. I shall read and chill. Another wonderful day of no demands.

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