Thursday, May 25, 2023

FND Shitstorm

On Tuesday, I lit a fire (it was 13° outside, and gloomy). I read after our walk and then did some shopping. I really rested with Ibuprofen. I could walk without my old man limp in the afternoon, so I did some housekeeping. I was pleased to sense that one day off can fully restores my batteries. I rehearsed my lines and I’ll keep running them until my ‘performance’ in Victoria next Thursday. 

Wednesday began with a dog walk with my friends, and then I came home to do a thorough watering of all the gardens before heading into the clinic to meet my new medical portal, Jennifer Lewis, a Nurse Practitioner. I love Jennifer. I could not wish for a finer care provider. She is so, so warm and kind. She showed me photos of all 4 of her dogs.

Once home, I was full of that “I’ve been hit by a bus” feeling. I felt that I could not work, I wanted to just chill in the house before taking Sheba for her afternoon walk. The seizure burned all my energy.

I need to whine. I had a neurological storm yesterday afternoon. I had just entered the clinic waiting room and was on my way to the car to go home, when I was rocked by a seizure that went on and on, plus it brought on a killer migraine headache—aura and all. I was a wreck. They loaded me into a wheelchair and took me into the treatment rooms at the back of the clinic to recover. All the rest of the day, the migraine pulsed on and off. I have never had a pulsing migraine before. The aura returned with each wave of headache. 

I had 3 seizures, none as bad as yesterday’s, the day before when I went to Tugboat Island. And there are other things going on: wrong words coming out, deficiencies with vocabulary/memory. It all has me concerned about what is happening now and what my future holds.

And there’s nothing I can do. There’s no point in seeing either Dr. Shoja or asking to see a neurologist because there’s no treatment protocol for FND. All there is, is to accept and adapt.

I’ve decided that I have a ‘no guests’ policy except for my most treasured friends. It’s fortuitous I quit the clinic before this change in my symptoms.

Today started well! I weighed myself and got some good news. On April 21st, I had my ‘come to Jesus’ moment. I was having tests at St. Paul’s, and they weighed me. At that time, I weighed a shocking 91.8 kilos (202.6 pounds). Now I weigh 83.5 K (184.3 pounds). It’s the result of all the garden, splitting and stacking work plus far, far more conscious eating. 

I was having a lot of acid reflux trouble, living on Gaviscon, and decided to eat more often but in much smaller servings and it’s made a significant difference to both my weight and reflux. I’m keen to get back to 77 K like I was when FND overtook me.

Today, it’s back to garden work so that Pinecone Park looks good for my guests tomorrow night when they come for a barbeque. On Saturday, I’ll begin the last of my wood projects. I’ll be splitting the large wood pieces Joe left in the back of the lot. They come from the trees I felled last year. There’s a lot to do, but once it’s done, all my wood splitting and stacking will be done and it’ll be onto the deck scraping and brushing.

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