Friday, May 12, 2023

Pork Buy!

Last night I watched a film on Kanopy called The Greatest Ears in Town. It’s about Arif Mardin, whom I’d never heard of, and what a magnificent man he is. I am so glad I watched that film. He’s a musical arranger, composer, and musician, and he comes across as a warm and generous man of dignity. I was really taken with him. He was a genius dedicated to serving artists. What a guy.

The first artist Mr. Mardin signed to his label when he became a producer was Raul Midon (above). I have been watching Mr. Midon on YouTube. I really like his music.

Thursday was inspiring. It was a very comfortable 20° in the afternoon. Working in such temperatures is easy. I got lots done without drenching my clothes in sweat. For a break during the hot part of the afternoon, I went to the nursery for soil and then to Eoin and Françoi’s place to buy some ham from them.

I have not bought pork products for about 40 years. I love pigs, so I can’t eat them. But Eoin and François have had a hand in changing my point of view. Recently, they decided to butcher three pigs and to sell all their remaining live pigs to a farmer on Mudge Island. They are, therefore, selling pork Chorizo sausages, hams and chops, and trading some for fish from a local fisherman.

I decided to buy a ham and some sausage. Go figure.

I had to buy some soil. While I was there, I bought an Apple tree. A nice tall one that I’ll put in the front yard where it will get lots of sunshine. My other Apple trees, in the backyard, grow runt apples, but there’s good to eat. They don’t get enough sunshine.

There’s still a ton of work to do, but Pinecone Park is now looking up to par. It’s looking so much more lush than in previous years as all my plantings mature. I’m very pleased with all I’ve done considering I’ve done it all with no masterplan and very little book learning about gardening. I’m an instinct gardener and it’s worked out okay.

I’ve got no plans and there’s a week of good weather coming, so I’ll get lots done.  I’ve been hard at it all morning, except for out walking time. My new Macintosh Apple tree is planted and fenced for protection from the deer.

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