Sunday, August 13, 2023

Just Another Day

Saturday was a great day because my pain was mild, and it was another absolutely gorgeous day.

I got an early start by thoroughly watering all the gardens. My chairs are again scattered everywhere to make the watering easy on me. I also went into the village to do some grocery shopping early to avoid the crowds of midday. Gabriola is crawling with tourists right now.

Once home from the market, I chilled before having lunch. Then, shortly after lunch, Ron arrived to walk Sheba. He walks her most days for me, and I could not be more grateful. By the time they were back, it was too hot to do anything, so while Sheba slept, I spent time with Commissario Brunetti on the chaise.

A did a bit more watering in the afternoon, where the sun fries the soil and plants. And then I had a spa and went back to my book. We were saved by wind yesterday. It was high wind, it was barely a breath on the ground, but the tops of the trees were whistling in the breeze. The wind kept me comfortable. It was lovely and warm outside. I loved letting myself air dry after my spa. And then into the coolness of the house. Heaven! It would have been stinkin’ hot without the wind. As it was, we reached 30° even with the wind.

If there’s no wind today, it’ll be a scorcher. Ron is coming at 11:00 to walk Sheba, and afterwards she and I are going to Silva Bay for fish tacos. YUM! And tomorrow, Steve arrives.

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