Friday, August 18, 2023

Party Night Arrives

This is my arm. It’s healing nicely and quickly, thank goodness. It all happened so fast, but now I’m pretty sure that the damage to my arm was caused by my cane when I freaked out at all the wasps and tried to brush the one that was biting me off my arm.

Thursday was most definitely not a day of rest. It was a day of preparation for tonight’s party. I raked the entire backyard and driveway, plus I schlepped all the detritus to the forest. Steve made Chicken Marbella for tonight’ main course, and then we hauled the worktable out of the studio to shorten the legs, converting the table from a standing worktable to a dining table. That was a big job for us. Then came eternal garden watering.

Me and a circular saw are not a natural partnership, but I did an okay job, and it was rather thrilling to move the table into the garden. My regular outdoor dining table will be the buffet table, and I love that 12 of us will be able to sit at one table—and not just tonight, but whenever all 12 of us want to get together again. In Winter, I can comfortably feed 12 people at the same table in the studio where I can also light a fire to make us feel nice and cozy.

Ron came by at 1:00 to walk Sheba, just as I was finishing all the watering of the backyard. It was a good time to take a break for me. Then, I got to watering the edible garden and all the trees and gardens in the front yard. Steve took the car and went into the village to look around and visit the shops. When he came home, I was done with watering (finally!) and so we got into the spa to relax and celebrate the end of our working day.

With all the work done, I could really relax for a night of easy-to-make dinner and a movie. I felt good that my plants, each one of them a friend, got such great treatment yesterday. I was a loving parent, spending 2 hours watering. And Steve and I are having a perfect time together. Yesterday morning, we FaceTimed his brother, Ralph, Ralph’s wife, Jo-Anne, and his sister Lydia. To them, I am still family after my 14 years with Steve, and talking with them yesterday was positively thrilling! I love Steve and everyone in his family—well, Sandra, who’s born again, not quite so much.

What a fabulous time I am having with Steve!!! I’m so glad, because he is having a ball here as well and it means he’ll be back next year. How lucky am I to have all this wonder with him and his family. We broke up 30 years ago, and nothing has changed between us all. We all still love one another. 

At 3:30 it was 30°. This heat is a bitch. 

Well, that heat is over. When I arose this morning, it was 10°! Ten degrees, and not 25° like yesterday morning. Plus, it’s windy. This is our fifth day in a row of fairly strong winds. There’s still naught but glorious sunshine in the forecast, but there are lower temperatures in our immediate future. It’s a welcome relief. Now we need some rain.

Today will be all about preparing for our party tonight. But first, a walk with my fellow dog walkers because my sciatica is almost gone. Yay! 

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