Thursday, August 17, 2023

Our Day in Nanaimo

Wednesday began with a major watering effort. I was a bit of a fool to plant so many gardens. I may have to figure out a way to lessen the drudgery of watering. I may get a drip system for the edible garden, and a soaker hose for a few of the gardens so I don’t have to be on my feet for so long. It takes an hour and a half to water all the gardens.

After watering, I had a lot of little jobs to do before we left for the day to enjoy the parks and restaurants of Nanaimo on another stunning day. We put the bed in the back of the van so Sheba could sleep in peace while we had dinner at Mahle House. (Scroll down to read about Adventurous Wednesdays.)

We caught the 10:30 ferry and once on the big island, we went for a walk in my usual park before we went to Dami Sushi for a delicious lunch. Then we drove to Neck Point Park, a favourite place to visit. It’s got a beautifully rugged shore that is fabulous to see when there’s a big wind, but yesterday was hot and calm. 

We parked and Steve announced that he was going to stay in the car for a brief rest on the bed, so Sheba and I got out of the car, and I opened the back door of the van to get something when I was suddenly swarmed by wasps. One bit me and so I did something, I don’t know exactly what, and I somehow managed scraped the skin off my right arm. There were 5 places the top layers of skin were torn and folded back, exposing lots of raw skin underneath. I blood was oozing out everywhere. I had some paper towels, so while Steve rested, I sat in the shade dabbing my arm to keep the blood off. I folded my skin back in place and held my arm in the sun to help the wounds heal. 

Steve joined me shortly afterwards and we went for a walkabout. It was so wonderful to feel the wind keeping us cool on a blisteringly hot day. We stayed in the park for quite a while and then left to buy groceries for tomorrow night’s party. We’re hosting 10 gay guests tomorrow evening. And once done with the shopping, we headed to Hemer Provincial Park near Cedar where we’d be having dinner. What a gorgeous lake Hemer Lake is!

Dinner was fabulous. I expected nothing less at Mahle House. Our server was a lovely woman who doused my arm with something antiseptic and we wrapped it in a nice clean napkin. We had 5 courses, all part of a pris fixe meal that was delicious. But because I eat so much less now, I couldn’t finish either of yesterday’s meals. Steve was more than happy to eat all that I couldn’t.

As we were winding down, Steve checked the ferry schedule, and it seemed unlikely that we’d make the 7:30 ferry, so I drove back at the speed limit figuring we’d nap at the terminal and wait for the 9:00 pm sailing. But as I pulled up to the stop light at the turn off for the ferry, I turned right illegally on the red light because the 7:30 ferry was still in the port. As soon as we got our ticket, they closed the terminal. We drove directly onto the ferry, the last car, and we were home shortly after 8:00. I was thoroughly beat and soon went to bed.

Today, I’ve asked that we chill all day and eat at home and watch a movie tonight. I’m burned out from a wonderful but full day yesterday. I’ll water, I’ll putter, I read and rest in the garden today, I hope.

This shot doesn't due justice to a beautiful bay in Neck Point.

Hemer Lake was gorgeous, but HOT in the sunshine.

Mahle House. ♥️♥️

Us in Mahle House.

Steve is happy.

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