Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Me and Warren

My new favourite song is "Demons" by a band called Imagine Dragons. It is an anthem for the hurting, but what a great tune!

Yesterday Warren came to my place to work at 3:00. He stayed until eight and we are now two-thirds of the way through the draft we will send to the competition.

Warren leaves for Italy on the 24th so I have a week to deal with final tweaks and to get the script printed for the application after he leaves. But we have done it and I am thrilled and amazed. And we not only have finished (almost) our script, we have finished a winning script.

And dare I say it: We are going to win. (Winning means being one of eight scripts selected for development.) And, yes I know I am inviting disappointment by thinking that way. But I believe it and I believe passionately in our work. Besides, one doesn't win the Praxis competition by producing a perfect script, one wins by presenting a great script with room for improvement.

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