Thursday, June 12, 2014

One Smaller Lung

Re: Praxis
How great is serendipity? My friend Stephen called last night and I told him about our plans to submit the screenplay of Knock Knock to Praxis and he made me call a guy who I have known of for decades but never really known. He is a fine guy and he ran Praxis for over ten years. And Stephen was a juror, so I learned many things. Michel told me things to put into our application letter and he said we'd be competing with between 70 and 100 scripts. Stephen said a lot of the scripts are duds. And since Stephen saw  Knock Knock, his assurance that my story is stronger than many scripts he has read was reassuring.

Re: Health
Well that is over. After all the words, it was not really more than a lung biopsy. But it was a doctor I was not expecting and I was thrown by some issues, but once the sedation hit. It was over. I got a good dose of some medication that begins with "M" that makes you forget everything. Awesome!

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