Tuesday, December 19, 2017



Let’s see … It’s eight am Tuesday and I got up at 2:30. I took Her Highness (HH) out for a walk in the rain, stoked the fire and fed the menagerie. I did some writing and then went back to bed for a nap and when I woke up there was a good covering of snow on the ground.
It was a good thing I came home exhausted from my day in Vancouver last night. The crowds, the noise and the effort it takes to talk for an hour with Dr. S. had me arrive home so tired that I went to bed at eight.
There have already a couple of power outages and the Internet went down but both are back now. It is likely to be an interesting day — it’s snowing like mad.
It’s really, really beautiful outside. The way the snow gives the branches such individuality is really lovely and everything looks magical. I see each branch as an individual instead of only seeing a green mass. I want to go for a walk later in the woods if it lasts into the afternoon and, perhaps, to have a hot tub in the snow. Sheba loves it; she loves to eat it and run around in it.
It’s likely to be a slow day at Pinecone Park. As the snow continues to fall and I grow more enamored of all I see, the chances of an extended power outage and Internet failure grow. Branches brake off the trees from the weight of the snow and fall on transmission wires.
If it happens, I’m ready. I have my generator (but no gas) a fireplace and a barbeque for which I do have gas — and neither a job nor responsibilities. For me, a power failure is like a seizure: It’s something that happens and you just ride it out.

Yesterday morning I met John and Bunny in Vancouver for breakfast, then I did a couple of errands walking on my purple foot before seeing Dr. Shoja. In the morning, I got an email from the bank:
“I am (sic) sincerely apologize for the error that these funds were frozen in your account. This amount should not have been kept from your use and I have removed the freeze on your funds. Once again I sincerely apologize for this error and we are working to resolve this.

“We have escalated the error to our back office lending department to have the mortgage loan paid off as quickly as possible and to resolve the balances on your account so they show correctly for you.

“I will be working closely on this for you this week and will keep you updated prior to my departure after Thursday. I have also copied Stephanie Lund, the branch manager, who will be able to assist you in my absence.

“Once again, we apologize for the length of time this has taken and the lack of communication with you. We very much value your relationship with Vancity and will work to have this resoloved (sic).”
He doesn’t explain why it happened and I want to know — but at least I have access to my money again.
I have to prepare food for a dinner I’m serving Jay and Robin Friday night. It’s my first attempt at baking and cooking with Fred and Ethel in the house. They will have to be locked in the bedroom or I will have to work only when they are sleeping.

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