Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Walk at the End of my Street

These photos are from this mornings walk. Sheba came with me without being bated with treats. Also, on the way back she was running and playing like I'd expect of an off-leash dog in the woods. It was wonderful. (Click on the first image and use your right arrow to scroll through the rest of the mages in a larger format.)

This is the entrance to the trail. 
This is how many trees are covered at their base. There
are teeny mushrooms in the moss.
This is a beautiful fungus 
A typical portion of the trail. It's about an hour walk to
the beach below.
Another fungus.
Moss covers these large tree trunks.
Lichen on dead shrubs is delicate and beautiful
it's also a good dye for wool.
This is the wood I brought home to use on the fence.
Sheba is helping me sort it.

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