Thursday, January 17, 2019


Wednesday began with a wonderful dog walk. Sheba and Sprocket raced through the trees; she exhausted herself. She poetry in motion; to see her at her very beset is to see her slaloming through the trees. She is fearless. I’m so proud of her and our friendship.
We came home and I washed the car, inside and out and it looks absolutely fabulous. But that’s all could did all day.
I heard from the car repair place that they have located a trunk hatch from a wrecker’s. They are waiting for a formal go-ahead from ICBC and they confirmed that I can have a courtesy car whilst the Fiat is fixed.
That’s another thing done. I’ve been on a roll. But now it’s over. It’s raining. I reckon it’s time to read about fertilizer, bugs, root depth, germination, transplanting and the water and sunlight requirements of vegetables.
I was driving the Self-Portrait project in much the same way I did when I worked but I got some polite pushback about “letting go” from one of the Arts Council members. Done.
By way of introduction to her remarks, she said: “I’ve been doing this for a long time.”
I seriously doubt she’s done more public programming than me. My seven years running a public art gallery and theatre gave me an awful lot of experience. I felt her remark was condescending. She needs power.
Another board member spoke with a strong sense of her position. I tend to speak in planning meetings using the conditional; she speaks from a position of authority. “I am a board member; you are not.” She, too, needs power. 
I need (and now have) distance.
I went to Youtube and searched Hawksley Workman to see the video for his song Battlefords.I’m no longer a pop music fan but the CBC station I listen to for classical music plays popular music—but interesting popular music—on two shows each day.
I bought Jeremy Deutcher’s Polaris Prize-winning album because of hearing it on the CBC and that’s why I searched the Hawksley Workman song. They play it often and it burned it’s way into my interior jukebox. 
I love the song and so very many references in the lyrics. I have no idea who Hawksley Workman is; I know nothing of him, but I do love his song now. And Dan Mangan’s Cold in the Summer,and many more—I am really enjoying them all, and they’re all Canadian. It’s great!

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