Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The End of Yard Work (for now)

There were blips of sunshine between long periods of being fogbound on Tuesday.
I did, as planned, work on the shed and the yard. I also retired my freezer. I moved it out of the kitchen and into the shed. I won’t use it anymore—at least not until I have a large harvest from the garden. And this will be the last winter I heat my studio as I continue to economize on non-essential power consumption.
I also got gas. Not from eating, but from fossil fuel. I loathe driving with the fuel containers but there’s no point in having a generator, barbeque and patio heater without having a good gas and propane supply. (If I’d been involved in a car crash whilst transporting all this fuel, they’d have heard it in Budapest.)
I wrote to three places about doing some tree removal/trimming in my backyard and I cleaned out the fireplace. I’ve profited well from this string of lovely days, doing so much work, but later today the rains return.
When I walked around the yard this morning, I felt very satisfied and proud of my place and my work of late. 
The sun has just burst through the clouds. (It’s just past noon.) So I’m going out to finish clearing up the last of the storm crap in the yard and to fix my bird feeder and then I’m coming in to chill for the rest of the day. I’ve earned my down time.

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