Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I stink. I really stink. And so do my clothes. It’s due to the smoke from the incinerator. It gets extremely thick when I add fresh greens and it sometimes enveloped me as I worked. When I put my sweater on this morning, it reeked of smoke.
But it’s almost over. The backyard sparkles now. Well … no it doesn’t. The garden looks bleak and barren. And I’ve one area of the yard left to clear. (My lot is half an acre.) But the whole place will look good come Spring when new growth creates a lush blanket of green. Order is restored.
It was -5° this morning when I went out for wood. I put six pieces of wood in the fireplace this morning to get the house warm. It took a long time to get cozy warm, the way I like it when it’s so cold outside.
The fundraising meeting was interesting. The people are fabulous but the same things that have always frustrates me about public planning by committee are starting to bother me. As the enormity of the task and the realities of the challenge to raise forty grand become clear, the objectives are changing.
It’s going to be interesting to see how the Self-Portrait project goes. That is: How many people make portraits, how many people attend the party and what the project nets.
If they are happy with the outcome, I should be as well. But if I feel it’s less successful than it could have been to me, I’ll be disappointed.
It’s foggy again this morning and really cold. Cleaning the last corner of the yard and the shed today will be cold work. But it’s satisfying doing Spring cleaning during the Winter. 
I’ve a dog’s weight of her poo to pick up in the yard and I’ve also got to fill up all my gasoline containers with petrol in case there’s another power failure. Plus, I’ve got to refill my propane canister for the barbeque. This ain’t no condo; there’s always something needing doing and I do it happily. 

It's paper!

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