Thursday, June 3, 2021

Curtain Up

Last Winter, I started working on plastic curtains, making them from surveyor’s tapes, to prevent birds from flying into the glass doors and windows of my studio. In the movie above, you’ll hear the fountain that attracts the birds to drink and bathe. Scores come all the time, and if something scares them, they will fly into the glass, seeing a reflection of the forest.

Slowly, plastic I’ve glued or taped to the glass will come down and instead there’ll be more curtains that move beautifully in the wind.

The best thing about yesterday was not having to be on a roof or ladder. I’m so glad that the cleaning of the roofs is behind me. But there were lots of chores awaiting me yesterday.

I got started early in the morning. I was out watering at 6:00 am. When that was done, I had a lovely spa in the refreshing coolness of the morning. I don’t care for the hot water when it’s as hot as it is now in the afternoons; I prefer my spas in the brisk morning air. Then I went on the dog walk with my friends.

When I got home, I transplanted the Ivy I wanted to get into a front bed and then I finally got to weeding my Fern Garden—a garden I am particularly fond of. It’s now looking glorious, as should a garden of indigenous foliage. After that, it was on to returning the giant ladders to Kevin and then cleaning my windows and putting up the plastic curtain on my studio. (I’m motivated now to finish making the curtains.)

It got seriously hot in the afternoon, so we headed for a shady trail for our afternoon walk together. Sheba is like me; she’s heat adverse. And when I got home, I washed my bed linen and hung it out to dry. It took twenty minutes to be bone dry and going to sleep with the smell of fresh air was a treat!

Today’s another beauty, but it’s not going to be as hot (and I’m happy about that). We’ll walk together this morning, I’ll do some shopping and watering, and then I’ll get back to work after a long hiatus on the ribbon curtains for the second door and the windows.

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