Sunday, June 6, 2021

Jess and Todd Visit


Kent Monkman (1965 - ; above) is a Canadian First Nations artist 

of Cree ancestry. Mother and Child

Saturday, sadly, was dull and cool. It was not the kind of weather I was hoping to share with Jess and Todd. We had spotty moments of sunshine, some showers and lots of cloud.

I went shopping after walking with Her Highness, and then I came home to work in the studio on the second curtain for its doorway. Then I did some reading, went for a second walk with H.H. and came home to wait for my guests who arrived at 4:30, as planned.

They were excellent guests. Their visit began with a tour of the gardens, and they were full of praise for the tranquility and aesthetics of Pinecone Park. We came inside for snacks and lots of chatting and we ate at 7:00. Dinner was very well received. They loved the risotto (and so did I), and the Strawberry Shortcake also went down very well.

We talked until 10:30 and then retired. It was spectacular to have guests.

This morning I was up early, and I did all the dishes so they will awake to a clean house. And it looks like we’ll have a decent day. There’s lots of blue sky. I don’t know when they plan to head back to Victoria, but I have a brief Zoom meeting with my stuttering buddies at 10:00. Other than that, they day will unfold as it will, and I look forward to the leftovers this evening.

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