Monday, July 19, 2021

Back to Normal

Sunday was quiet except for the first large dog walking group walk in fourteen months. It was a small group compared to our pre-pandemic size, and I was glad of that. All the rest of the day was spent in repose, reading, sunning and just resting, but Connie came to visit for about half an hour in the afternoon. 

Today started on a downbeat: Sheba is a wreck. She eats her paw raw. She’s back on tranquilizers and thoughts are she’s still in emotional shock over my departure. Regina says once she feels stable with me again, that she’ll be fine.

Last night I realized how lucky I was to have my crisis on Saturday in the hospital. Had it been here, I would not have been able to push my alarm button that I wear around my neck. I couldn’t move my arms or fingers, so I would have been helpless, alone and scared. I’m happy I reached out when I did.

Watering, reading and couching, that’ll be my day today. It’s a pretty warm day.

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