Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Lovely Dinner; Foot #3 Down!

I am now quite cured of seeking pleasure in society, be it country or town. A sensible man ought to find sufficient company unto himself. This is the sentiment of Emily Bronte; the quotation was sent to my by my friend, Beth, who knows who I am.

It reached 36° here yesterday afternoon. That’s how hot it was in the afternoon when Jay arrived at my place to pick me up to take us to Drumbeg for our picnic. Oh my goodness it was hot.

Frank, the charming chimney cleaner came, as promised, at 9:00 am. He discovered that there was no need to clean it, so I’m chuffed that I’m burning clean dry wood and that my chimney is very efficient and clean. He found the manufacturer’s plaque as well, something that had been sealed inside the installed firebox.  He’s returning to so some modest hacksawing to allow access to the plaque, thereby making my firebox ‘more legal.’

My plastic curtains are working extremely well. Not one bird has died on my property this year. I’m very, very pleased about that. The little darlings are my buddies. They bring my yard alive and I’m very grateful for them.

Last night was a treat. I bought us two small pizzas—excellently made by our best restaurant on Gabriola—and Jay picked them up and came to my house to get me. I had chairs and my picnic basket at the ready, and off we went to Drumbeg.  It was an extraordinary evening. We were in the shade on a hot, hot night, and lots of people (mature adults) were there to swim. Although there were several people, everyone was quiet and calm. It was truly a Summer night to remember.

Sheba is really pushing my buttons. She chewed one of her hind feet. Now she is wearing three socks and I’m reaching my ‘fed up’ point with her. I adore her. She’s my partner, but her condition is ruining her life and mine. I’ve got to get to Tuesday to see the vet, but I’m certain she needs to be on tranquilizers—at least for a while. I’m sick of this having to constantly monitor her. 

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