Sunday, August 1, 2021


HOT and humid. That was yesterday. And I’m starting to wonder if heat might be a reason for Sheba’s self-harming.  I will ask the vet on Tuesday. All I did all day yesterday, really, was to supervise her, and give her lots of attention.

And I’ve been rewarded: This morning, she is walking gently, but without a limp. I am going to take her on lots of short walks today and watch her like a hawk. I have hope again, and I have patience and commitment. Bonus: It’s cloudy this morning and coolish (19° at 6:00 am). I believe if we walk often, and I watch her all the time when she is home, that we can have a good day today. And, with luck, we’ll have another good day tomorrow before we see the vet on Tuesday.

When she went after her third paw, I was pretty discouraged, so this improvement in her condition is very welcome. It’s been two weeks of Hell for us both.

We went for a walk this morning, very successfully, but she refused a second walk in the afternoon. Instead, I kept her occupied whilst I watered all the gardens.

Today has been like yesterday. Lots of clouds, but also lots of gentle sunshine warming us through the thin clouds (or forest fire smoke). I read most of the day and that’s about it.

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