Saturday, August 14, 2021

A Busy Day

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind.

First, the dog walk. Then a quick trip into the village to shop for peaches so that I could make a peach tart for Jay and Victor whom I invited for pizza last night. Jay brought salad, I bought the pizza from our delicious Woodfire restaurant, and I made the tart for dessert.

Plus, I cleaned house, did laundry and raked all the Fir cones up off the courtyard, back deck and lawns. It felt good to be working outdoors even though it was hot and humid. Some forest fire smoke created a thin cloud that saved us from blistering heat. It was 36° at 3:00 though.

I haven’t been as active as I was yesterday since long before my heart attack. I was driven!  The worst part: My organic garbage container. I don’t use it; I put all my organic waste in my composter. But while I was in hospital, someone put some things in it (with no plastic bag) and that was almost a month ago. It was absolutely disgusting and full of fruit flies. I got it out of the house fast and hosed it down. Then I washed it thoroughly and sterilized it. Eeeuch!

Then more washing: In the afternoon, I found out that Sheba has been peeing on my hall carpet. The poor girl is constantly drinking and peeing due to the prednisone. And because of the heat, she stopped sleeping on the bed with me, Instead, preferring the cool floor by the open front door. So, I don’t hear her wanting to get outside. I had to do a thorough cleaning of the rug outside. Sigh.

By 5:00 the smoke was thicker, and the sun cast an orange light on everything. Still, I asked the boys to eat inside because my dining room has a ceiling fan, and it was just far more comfortable that the humid still air outdoors. It was a great night.

Today, the smoke/cloud is still here and at 7:00 am it’s a lovely 15° instead of in the mid-twenties. I think today is going to be a reasonable day. I plan to clear the front lawn, edible garden and driveway of cones and to plant some more ground cover that I bought. And then, because yesterday was so busy, some reading and relaxing.

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