Wednesday, August 18, 2021


Yesterday was lovely and bright and temperate. I got all my ground cover plants into the gardens and watered all my gardens thoroughly. Plus, I finished my book. I did little yesterday, but I was so tired in the evening, I went to bed just before 8:30 and I slept almost twelve hours! That is so different from my youthful lifestyle of sleeping only four-to-five hours a night.

Today, Sheba gets groomed, and I will work on the wasteland. On the way to the groomer’s this morning, we stopped at Rollo Park to walk, and she was bouncing and jumping around like her old self after one day off prednisone. She’s back on the drug today, but off again tomorrow and this reduced dosage seems to be bringing her back to life.

Life is routine here at Pinecone Park, so I have little on which to report. 

This swan was rescued by the vet she is embracing.

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